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Linyi Zhongda Arts And Crafts CO., Ltd.

Zhongda Arts And Crafts CO., Ltd., which is located in China’s renowned

hometown of will weaving- Willow-weaving Feature Industrial Park of

Linshu County, Linyi City, is a large famous export enterprise who

manufactures willow products, iron products, garden products, fabric

products, wood products and so on. 

The enterprise, founded in 2001, occupies 20,000 square meters in space

and owns advanced manufacturing technique, processing equipment,

specialized warehouses and large quantities of professional management

and technical research and development personnel. 

willow series

cloth series

Willow series

Advantages on development of willow in Linshu county
  Linshu county is by far one of the world’s largest production areas of osier and one of the main production areas for willow products. Willow is an advantageous export commodity in this city. Its pr
2017-08-14 09:08
Why does willow remain high
  Willow product is favored among customers as it utilizes green and natural raw materials for weaving. Its green, natural, trendy and environmental attributes comply with people’s pursuit towards hea
2017-08-14 09:06
Great congratulation is given toLinyi Zhongda Arts AndCrafts CO., Ltd.for its glorious launching of website.
  Great congratulation is given toLinyi Zhongda Arts And Crafts CO., Ltd.for its glorious launching of website. We are grateful that you can visit our website. Please contact us through the following
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